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V.V.C. Company movie

V.V.C. Company Movie



VVC bvba

Lerenveld 19
B-2547 Lint

Tel.+32(0)3 491 97 70
Fax+32(0)3 491 97 74

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Welcome at V.V.C.

Knowledge through experience ...

V.V.C. (Van de Velde Valves & Controls) is a premier Belgian manufacturer of industrial valves specialising in;

  • Damper control valves
  • Valves and components for solids

With more than 35 years of experience, V.V.C. has grown into a significant international partner for all branches of industry. The succesful combined action of an innovative team, know-how, commitment, flexibility and service lays the groundwork for the quality that sets V.V.C. apart in the market.

The state-of-the-art production and sales office in Lint is based on both one-off and series' of production. Since each branch has its own characteristics and applications, it is only logical that both our internal and external engineers are specifically trained.

The V.V.C.-team listen to their customers requirements, understand their needs and have the experience and backing to discuss all the relevant details. 

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